OCD – Obsessive Chicken Disorder

That’s right. I have it. I haven’t been formally diagnosed but all the signs point to the fact that I have OCD – Obsessive Chicken Disorder. Let me explain….
When I want to begin a new project or hobby, I like to immerse myself in the subject matter and learn as much as I can before I begin. I cannot count the thousands of hours I have spent researching online about chicken breeds, chicken predators, coops, behavior, flock management, best practices, disease, as well as reading countless books from the library, subscribing to poultry magazines and anything else “chicken” out there. I am a frequent visitor to Backyardchicken.com (I call them my “peeps”) as well as my new favorite reality show online, hencam.com. I like to say I am sort of a chicken expert even though I have never owned chickens (cue to my husband shaking his head on the sideline).

This has all thrown my OCD into overdrive and driven my husband a little nuts. Chickens are my FAVORITE topic of conversation and I try to work the angle into most conversations, if possible. It is funny when I ask friends what books they are reading. They will say things like, “Sycamore Row” by John Grishom or “The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks. When I respond, I answer with titles like, “Shorey’s Guide to Raising Chickens” by Gail Darrow, “Free Range Chicken Gardens” by Jessi Bloom or my absolute favorite, “Once Upon a Flock – Life with My Soulful Chickens” by Lauren Scheurer. The facial expressions I receive are somewhere between confused and amused. Poolside over the summer my magazine of choice wasn’t Redbook or Cosmo. It was Backyard Poultry and Grit. I didn’t need to see this fall’s trends. I wanted to learn about biosecurity and teaching your chickens tricks. Is that even possible?


Our last date night included visiting Tractor Supply to see what new breeds they had in stock. Oh, the tiny little bantams were ADORABLE. They reminded me of fat, little hummingbirds. And they even had Australorps on hand – the #1 breed on my list.

I want to cover all my bases and ensure I know what I am getting myself into, for better or worse, before ordering chickens. Some may call me obsessed. I call myself prepared and as ready as I can be for what chickens will bring at the end of April (I hope!).


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