What a Difference a Day (or Two) Makes

Living in Minnesota means you get used to weather extremes very quickly.  We have winters where days are well below zero and summers where days can be 100 degrees.   Another common occurance is warm and cold days all within a short time span.  That is what happened this past week.  Mother Nature reared her head and gave us a winter storm with 8 inches of snow.  We woke up Friday morning to this.  IMG_2095Heavy, fluffy snow.  This is the view from my treadmill.   The little house represents where our chicken coop will be located on our property.   I have been using our old playhouse as a tool to track sunlight, water drainage and wind velocity related to the coop’s location since late summer.  Here is the other view from my treadmill:


Buddy is never a motivator when it comes to exercise.  At least he is supportive…. I think.

It is always disappointing to have a late in the year snowfall.  By the end of March, I am ready for spring.  Last year we had a snow storm in the beginning of May.  I have been planning my garden and yard projects not to mention trying to dig into the ground to set the foundation blocks for the coop.   The temperature was in the 30s Friday and just plain cold.    By Friday night, it began to get warmer.  Saturday was in the upper 40s and Sunday was in the 60s.  Here is the updated view from my treadmill 2 days later:

IMG_2133What a difference a few days make.   I think I can unofficially announce spring is here at last!



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