Coop Quest

Where will our chickens live?   As amusing as it was to learn about chickens and choose the breeds we will have, looking at pictures of coops was just plain fun.  There are so many options and designs.  A tractor to move around your yard or a stationary coop.  A coop on the ground or raised.  A coop made of pallets or cedar.  The options seemed limitless.   Some were fun and whimsical.


A Hobbit House?   A garden shed with a sitting area and vines growing up the side?   Yes, please.   Some had avairy domes like these:

aviary-domecastle coop

I can TOTALLY see myself hanging out in the first coop.  Working on my computer, feeding the birds, and being one with nature.  I know the second coop is quite a stretch but I think it fulfills the inner princess in all of us.  Who doesn’t want to say they have a castle tower in their backyard?  I can see myself singing Disney-esque songs in the tower balcony, tossing my hair towards the edge, waiting for my prince…. “Deven, let’s be real!” I hear from Pete.  Back to reality.   I needed to be more practical as to what Pete can build.  At first I wanted a coop that looked like this:

white coop

Crisp and white, nice to look at, more of a landscape addition to our yard then a home to chickens.  Pete looks at the coop and gives me the thumbs down.   Option 2:


I would take either of these coops.  I love the upper level windows and the cupola.   I envision the chickens on their roosting bars at night looking out at their 360 degree view of the world, happy to be nestled into their 5 star coop.  “Look at the roof lines on those coops!”, Pete says gruffly.  He suddenly sounded a lot like his father when his parents were thinking about moving to a new house in our area.     I can see in his eyes that this option is not getting the green light either.  Then I found it!


This is where our chickens belong.   In a barn.  Our yard cannot support a real barn so this option is ideal.  Everything about this coop screams, “We have chickens!” (and maybe goats, a calf, and just one rabbit).   It’s a little big but we can scale it down a bit.  Pete  looked at this coop and shook his head while looking at the ground.   “I am NOT building that”.   Back to Pinterest for more inspiration.   Then I presented the last option :


The Wichita Cabin Coop.   Most chicken aficionados and visitors to will recognize this coop.   This coop plan even has its own Facebook page.   Before I made my building presentation, I printed the plans via Sketch Up  so I would not only be showing the picture but a picture with viable plans.     I even clipped them to a clip board hoping it felt like it was a project ready to begin.   I was now speaking his language, not just words but dimensions and measurements on a viable graphic plan.  Hmm…. He is REALLY looking at these plans.  And asking questions.   This is promising.  I even heard an “I can do this”.   I try not to look too excited and relieved.  The search is over.   Let the building begin!  Do I dare ask if a domed avairy can be added?


One thought on “Coop Quest

  1. We built the Wichita Cabin Coop, and we LOVE it. The plans weren’t as detailed as we hoped, but as two novice builders we still managed to pull it off … and it looks gorgeous. You will not be disappointed!

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