The “Woof Woof” Crocheted Lovey Blanket

Chickens, chickens, chickens…. It did consume most of my time but my niece, Harper, had a birthday coming.   I needed to take a break from chicken mode to make her a gift.    I had made a blanket for my sister for her baby shower last year that was made of zebra print ultra fleece and pink satin binding.  It was so cute and SUPER soft!  Here it is below:

blanket blankey

I love blankets so I hit the internet looking for the ultimate “blankie” for a 1 year old.  In my search, I saw an adorable blanket that incorporated crochet and fabric. Eureka!   I found it via Pinterest on the site – .  I envisioned Harper having a bad day and being comforted by her puppy lovey wrapping his paws around her body.  Aww…..  Every child needs this, I could even use this!

puppy blanket

I am an amateur crocheter and not a professional by any means.   I enjoy to make hats, scarves and my all time favorite, beards.   Beards?!   Really?!   I cannot tell you how many beards I have made in the past few years between our family and friends.   Maybe 50…..   They are definitely a conversation piece and children especially love to wear them.   Beard envy, maybe?  My daughter, J, loves to wear hers everywhere.   School, the store, church, you name it.  We jokingly call her “Mr. K” when it is on her face.   I cross my fingers that she keeps this self confidence through her difficult teen years.  The image isn’t the best image but it kind of feels like a “Mr. K” sighting.

jordan beard

Anyway, I modified my lovey so that I used a piece of fabric with a fleece backing instead of one solid fleece.   I have a new skip stitch blade for my rotary cutter that I don’t get to use it very often and this gives me an excuse to give it a whirl.  (Get it, haha).

In the instructions, she does warn you that this is time consuming and she was definitely right.   There are many pieces to individually crochet, piece together, stuff, and then sew onto the actual blanket.   I first started with a black head for the puppy but concluded that I wanted the crocheted puppy to match the dog on the fabric.  My sister’s Olde English Bulldog, Bill Brasky, also resembles the puppy on the fabric so I scrapped the already crocheted black head and replaced it with the now white.   Here is how my blanket ended up:


 The first picture is Brasky and next to it, the blanket before I stitched the pieces on.   I love how the blanket says, “I woof you”.  The patch over his eye is brown it is just hard to tell in the picture. Now, it is more “Brasky-like”.   The crocheted head does have button eyes so I made sure that I sewed those buttons on so they would need the jaws of life to take them off.  Luckily, my niece isn’t a “taster” of toys she is more of a “scratcher” so she should be okay with the buttons.    I think it turned out really cute but it doesn’t matter what I think.  It matters what Harper thinks.   Judging by the looks of it, she likes it.   Woof!  Maybe I can find some chicken fleece and make a chicken lovey?   Something to think about…..



2 thoughts on “The “Woof Woof” Crocheted Lovey Blanket

  1. Super cute! Love the puppy on your woof woof crocheted lovey blanket! I was going to get one of those skip blades, wasn’t sure what is was for so thanks for that! Say hi to Mr K! lol Stop by and see us and join our Snickerdoodle Sunday party!

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