The Beginnings of a Coop

Being rebels, we started building our coop before we received the final approval from the planning commission.   Time seemed to be ticking faster than anticipated so a coop was at the top of our weekend priority list.   When we began the coop almost a month ago, we still had snow on the ground.  Ideally, we would have liked to dig into the ground to set the foundation blocks first but mother nature was not cooperating (again).  Beginning the framework needed to be started in the garage.   Wall by wall the building began.   It was hard to see the coops dimensions while sides were being pieced together on the floor but when they were stood up….It began to look like a coop.  A real coop for our soon to be real chicks.   Pete built the four outside walls and lightly tacked them together so I could see the actual structure.


I didn’t want them to be taken apart.   Couldn’t we leave them together, build the coop in the garage and physically move the coop to the backyard?  Pete assured me that was not a possibility.   We had a time moving the 4 outside walls out of the garage stall and onto the driveway as it was.  I could not imagine moving it when there was hardware cloth, siding, roofing and more framing involved.   I would need a team of draft horses or all the World’s Strongest Men to come over and create a new challenge – The Coop Drag.  Instead of pulling semi trucks, they could pull the coop.


I wasn’t going to worry about that today.   All cared about was that Pete had 4 walls done and the coop was beginning to take shape.  I couldn’t wait for the next weekend to see the transformation that was taking place – right in our garage.



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