The Coop – Part Deux

I know what you are thinking.  Wow!  We build fast!   We started this coop almost a month ago and I will divide up the progress into a few posts until we are “to date”.   The next weekend was spent finishing the framing, painting, and installing the hardware cloth.  We decided to paint the coop to match our Shaker red house hoping it will blend into our backyard and not be an “eye sore” to our neighbors.  I love to paint so finally part of the process that I can actually help with.   Don’t misunderstand.   I have been right out there helping the whole time.  Moving wood, holding pieces together, grabbing nails and screws, finding misplaced pencils and measuring tape (“Ummm, right there clipped to your belt, honey”) .   I just am not as handy as Pete so I am more of an assistant than an actual worker.

We were very careful when installing the hardware cloth as I have read horror stories of cut up hands and arms.   I am happy to report neither of us received a scratch.   Here is the base of the coop with fresh paint and hardware cloth:


We told our kids that we were going to use it as a jail for naughty kids.   Ha ha.   Just a little fun for us adults.  You can also see that he framed the back wall of the coop.   That wall is framed for an upper level window and the lower opening is an exterior nesting box.   Here is a closer view.   IMG_2067

I received basement windows from my mom when she replaced hers.  You can partially see laying the windows on what will be the coop floor in the photo.   I am hoping to have windows on at least 3 of the 4 walls, maybe even on all of the walls.   Next, Pete will frame the door for the run access and finish the walls of the coop.    What is on my to do list?   Keeping our naughty dogs off the top of our frozen pool, in between looking for misplaced tools.  Coming Pete!





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