Where are they?

Originally I thought I was going to wake up to a 4am call from the post office.   I woke up startled at 5am – like you would wake up if you over slept your alarm clock.  No call?!   I decided not to go back to bed but to check the USPS tracking of the chicks.   It had not been updated since 8:58 pm Monday when they left Cleveland, OH.   That was 8 hours ago.  Are they in the back of a truck?   That is at least a 12 hour drive to Minneapolis.   Is it on a plane?   If so, that is a 2 hour flight.   Hmmmm……   I knew that the office opened at 6:30am so I decided I would go down there then.   6:30am came and went.   No call.    6:30am was inconvenient for me since my kids were up and getting ready for school until 8:30am.   I decided that at 8:30am I would get the last of the kids on the bus and journey to the post office.

I arrived at the post office and ran through the warehouse doors listening for the peeps of my chicks.   I didn’t hear anything.   The worker confirmed they had not arrived.   What?!   Shouldn’t they have been there by 4am?!    I left the post office with assurances from all the employees they would call me immediately.  As I was pulling out, I saw a dock truck pulling in.   Could my chicks be in the back?   I rationalized that it would be silly for me to leave and then have to come right back.   I drove back into the parking lot to inquire again.   The back gate of the truck was open and I could hear something.  PEEPS!   I just knew they were in there.   I rushed to the worker and said I hear the peeps of my chicks in that truck.   I am sure he was disguising his amusement as he pointed at a nearby tree full of birds.   “You mean those peeps?” .  Oh,  I guess he was right.   I had now become the crazy chick lady who is stalking the post office.   I may not have officially been stalking the post office at that point but I was sure I was going to single handedly crash the USPS website as many times as I refreshed the tracking information  I left again just knowing in my mind I was going to be coming back any minute to pick them up.    And I waited, and waited, and waited.

At 1pm, I went to the Meyer Hatchery website and the live chat popped up.   Yes!   I spoke with “Megan” who was very understanding and helpful.  My biggest concern other than their whereabouts was that it was VERY cold here.   I mean very cold.   It is 38 degrees but feels like 27 degrees.   Not normally shipping temperatures for a box of 6 chicks who should be at 95 degrees their first week of life.  She assured me that “the shipping department takes into consideration the entire weather route the chicks will experience and prepare the box accordingly, so while they wouldn’t want them to overheat or be too cold, they may or may not include a heat pack but if needed will add extra insulation” .  Okay, I will have to trust they know best.  I was then concerned over them arriving DOA ( I don’t even want to spell it out).   She said, “With losses you shouldn’t be concerned because normally our shipping is quite successful because of the care we have for our chicks in preparing them for the transition”.  I begin to relax a little.   She believes in their shipping department so I guess I should too.   My final question was “where the heck are they at?”    Her comment was, “with tracking, it may not have further scans in between because it is in a constant path rather than having stops in between, which being they were 6 they were shipped Express which could have been a flight out.  Also, while it says one day, being it is live animal delivery, there is an exception to their delivery guarantee”.  I read and reread every word, feeling like I can wait a little longer.

I am the kind of person that if you tell me something, it will and have to come true.   The tracking said it would be delivered by 3pm so in my mind, that is when they would come.   And they are not here!   They were already 11 hours late from the 4am USPS prediction.   3:03pm arrived.  No chicks.  All rational flew out the window.    Now, I am crabby. Why post a guaranteed deliver date of 3pm today and not honor it? And scan the delivery truck already so I don’t think they are still in Ohio! Geez, don’t mess with an angry wanna-be chick owner!  I guess because the shipment is live animals they cannot guarantee the overnight delivery? Huh? That makes no sense.   The chicks have been in transit from the hatchery since 3pm Monday- 29 hours!!  In my opinion, that is when the guarantee should be honored.  The chicks have a 72 hour window until the yolk they absorbed is completely used.  Here’s hoping for a 4am wake up call (did I just say that?!) Otherwise, I may borrow some unsuspecting neighbor’s wifi and work on my computer out of my van tomorrow. In front of the post office. Or better yet, in their break room. “Hey Marv.   Looking good Joan!  Losing weight Bill?  Listen…. is that a peep I hear?”  Oh yeah. It’s on!


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