Chick TV


Our new favorite pastime is watching “Chick TV”.   We slide the cardboard panel on the front up a few inches to see from their level what is going on.   The chicks run to the wire screen as if the stage curtain is lifted and the show is beginning.  We are watching Chick TV and they are watching People TV.  We stick our fingers between the slats and they peck them, they peck the exposed wood and we laugh.   Hours of entertainment.   Honestly.   I need to contact Animal Planet and negotiate a TV deal.   This is way more entertaining than the Puppy Bowl.   The mild mannered chicks will be standing still and then all of a sudden run full speed across the brooder.   Why?  We are unsure, but it is amusing.   When they are tired,  their eyes start to close and they start swaying.  Some take the time to sit and some will just fall over dead.   Hilarious.  I can see it now.   Our chicks on national TV with big contracts.  I get a new house and they get the castle coop with the aviary.   Yeah, Chick TV.   I think I am on to something here.



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