Meet our Gals

They’re here!  They’re here!   Wednesday was hands down the easiest day on record of getting the kids up for school.   We didn’t even have to wake them up.   They all heard the peeps and came running.   They were as excited as I was that the chicks were safe at home.   We had discussed not holding them the first day or so after arrival to help them acclimate to their new surroundings but I gave in and let them hold one for a few minutes.  Of course, the kids wanted to hold “their” chicken – the one they had naming rights too.   Jordan held the Barred Rock and Brady held the Sex Link.   Awww……

IMG_2295                       IMG_2298

So who is the Barred Rock?   Who is the Sex Link?   Well…..Meet our chicks:

Spots – the Red Sex Link (Golden Buff)                                       Oreo – the Black Australorp

IMG_2326                       IMG_2354

Sammy – the Easter Egger                                            Peaches – the Buff Orpington

IMG_2340         IMG_2335

Captain – the Cochin                                                                        Hatsy – the Barred Rock

IMG_2348             IMG_2345

It is fun to watch them even as young as 2 days old and gauge their personalities.   Spots and Peaches are so friendly and sweet.   They aren’t afraid of our hand coming into the brooder and when we go to return them, they linger for a few seconds before running off with their friends.  The black chicks are more rambunctious and not as “hand friendly” as their light colored friends.   They run like they are being chased by an axe murderer, peeping loudly.   Captains feathered feet are adorable.   She is the only chick with feathered legs.  Hatsy is the bravest.   She will stand straight and as tall as she can when the hand comes into the brooder.  Almost rooster like (Don’t say that!, Don’t think that!).  I can’t get over how easy they seem to be to care for.  Hopefully, I am not speaking too soon.



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