First Night in the Coop

It is with a heavy heart and great anxiety that I put my chicks, my girls, my babies in the coop for the night. Pete finished some ticky tacky items and we deemed the coop ready for occupancy. The girls have been visiting for the past week but tonight’s the night. They are literally leaving the nest of our house and moving out. I will say that Pete has done more than his share reassuring me they will be okay. “The coop is secure. Nothing is getting in there,” he says. “What about Mosquitos? They can go through the hardware cloth and give them fowl pox or worse…eat them alive! Cue to Pete shaking his head. He did humor me and placed window screening on the inside of the coop to keep the bugs out. “Okay, what about heat? The low tonight is 55 degrees”. I swear within minutes our electrician neighbor was over putting an electrical outlet on the outside wall so we can plug in the heat lamp tonight. “Okay, now they are crying because it is getting dark. They don’t like the dark and their cries will draw the attention of predators”. Click. Pete flipped on the light switch in the coop. The peeping stopped and they were content. I know the coop is where they belong and they seem happier out there where they have more room but…. It doesn’t make it easier. I have a feeling I am in for a restless nights sleep consisting of looking out the window to make sure the heat light is on and peeking into the coop to make sure they aren’t too hot or too cold but, just right.


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