The Morning After

Last night it was with heavy heart and great anxiety that I put my chicks in the coop for the night. This morning it was with great embarrassment and feelings of neglect that I woke up realizing I slept like a rock last night. So much so that I didn’t even check on them once! What a poor mother hen I am! I woke up at 5am like the fire alarm was going off and ran out to the coop. I fully expected to hear loud peeps and see 7 inch long predator claw marks on the side of the coop but I walked out to neither. The chicks were happily sitting by the window to the run. There were not only no claw marks on the coop but no holes dug around the perimeter either. A very uneventful night for both of us. I did notice, however, what appeared to be numerous ant holes around the coop. Bonus for the chicks! Looks like dinner will be coming to them!


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