Finishing the coop

Some time has passed and I have been so wrapped up in holding the chicks, cleaning up after the chicks, and watching the chicks that I have neglected to post a coop update.   Every weekend and some week nights entail “cooping” for my husband, Pete.  Don’t worry, I am there “cooping” too – just more as a dedicated helper and not a full fledged assistant.   My “honey-do” list is short but chicken filled.   I need roosting bars, a pop up ladder, etc.   For him, it never ends.   He is  cursed by being handy.   Over the past few weeks, he hasn’t let me down.  He added the nesting box onto the back and installed the steel roof to keep them dry and safe.   Notice that it matches our house/garage roof.  It was left over from our home install – also done by the fantastic Pete.

IMG_2760For someone who has never built a coop or home structure, he did a GREAT job.    He made a guillotine style pop up door on a rope pulley system so I could let the gals out every morning without going into the run – unless I wanted to, and let me tell you, so far I want to go in to see them every morning.   I love to watch them all run out the door when it opens.   They can’t wait to get out and run and spread their wings.   They definitely act like they were “cooped up” by the time I get there at 6:30am.   I also love the window that was installed on the run side of the coop.    Pete said he will put a roosting bar that will run the length of the wall so they will have the chicken equivalent of a “front porch”.   That will come later.   I am so excited!


The next few things on my “honey do” list were not functional but more fun for me.   I bought letters that spell “EGGS” to put on the outside of the nesting boxes.   I love the way it turned out.  You can also see the hardwired outlet to the left of the nesting box.  My neighbor is an electrician and came over to hardwire the outlet and also add an exterior outlet to the backside of my garage if we need to use a heat lamp, heated water dish in the winter, etc.  Don’t worry about the paint job.   I am still working on finishing the trim around the windows and small spaces by the trim.


Pete next indulged my flower box obsession and mounted a flower box under one of the windows.   I have always wanted flower boxes on my house.   Not on one window but EVERY window.   Unfortunately, I have never had a flower box under one of my windows – until now.   Now, my chicks will have a flower box to look out to and I will have one to plant and grow.   The only flaw to my plan was that I am unsure how much sunlight the flower box will get.   Guess I will be tracking sunlight for the next few days.   My 3 mature oak trees in the back yard provide a lot of shade so I will have to plan accordingly so my flower box will actually grow flowers.  Decisions, decisions….



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