An Unlikely Aficionado and The Power of Chicken Math

Lately, I have noticed that Pete has taken an extra “liking” to the chickens.   When I say extra I mean that he doesn’t complain about them.  The dogs are another story.   I know exactly where he stands with our dogs.   He tolerates them because the kids and I wanted them.  He isn’t a dog person and doesn’t hide the fact that they are not his favorite members of our family.   When we went to the rescue agency to look at a puppy born into rescue, we ended up coming home with two puppies.  He was not immune to the cuteness of puppies and ok’d both instead of one -a decision he will shake his head at frequently.      However, under his tough guy exterior, I think he may actually like the dogs from time to time.  I will catch him petting Buster while sitting in his chair and wanting to give them gravy or scraps from dinner.   He will scowl when they go to the vet yet ask if I remembered to give Buster his pain medication after he had two teeth extracted.   He even wanted to build them a dog house outside.   Here is how that conversation went:

Pete: I should build a dog house for the dogs

Me:  Our dogs!?   But they never go outside unless they need to go the bathroom

Pete:  I could build that one house that you pinned on Pinterest.

(Here is a picture of the mentioned dog house)

dog house

Me:  (too shocked to speak because he remembers what is on my Pinterest site.   I finally snap out of it)   That house on Pinterest is amazing but Buster would use it to jump over the 6 foot wooden fence and have a dog’s day out.   No, the dogs wouldn’t use it.   Build onto the pool deck instead.

Pete:  Unrecognizable grumbling    (shaking head, walks away)

I think building a coop was most of the appeal to getting chickens.   The beautiful coop he built all by himself – well and some occasional help from his dad and neighbor.  My first indication of his new found interest in our chicks was when he sat outside with me to watch the chicks in the run.   Then more things happened.   He came out to find Peaches when she was missing.   He keeps adding things to the coop for the chicks, I mean me.   This morning, he beat me outside to the coop to let the girls out into the run.   He also has been asking questions like, “How many chickens can we legally have out here again?”  and commented,  “We should get some rare breeds the next time we order chicks”.   Hmmm…..  Sounds like Pete has a case of chicken math.  What is chicken math?

Chicken math – [chik’-uhn math]  (noun) The phenomena in which no matter how many chickens you expect to own or for which you build your coop, you will end up with more than that number, even when you take into account chicken math

He even shocked me by saying we should order a German Spitzhauben.   How does he even  know this breed?   I looked at the Spitzhauben and saw a little resemblance from the chicken to…Buster our dog!   Look at the picture and you tell me

IMG_2952                   GSPS1

They both are white with black splotches.  I think I may ask for the coop addition to add 4 chicks next year after all.   Or a “dog house” for Buster.  Out back.  Next to the coop.   With hardware cloth so the chicks, I mean Buster, stay safe.


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