Hatsy has quickly became my favorite chicken.  I love everything about her.   When we drew up our short list of chicken breeds she was on the top 6 but not in my original order of 4 from Meyer Hatchery .   When we found out our county was voting on zoning and it would more than likely be at least 6, we added a Buff Orpington and Barred Rock to the order of a  Cochin, Australorp, Easter Egger, and Golden Buff.   The Barred Rock was Hatsy.   The main reason she was added to the order was because of our love for Lucy from the book Once Upon a Flock by Lauren Scheuer.  Jordan loved that book – especially Hatsy, the Golden Buff chicken, and all of her funny antics.   She said we had to have a “Lucy” in our flock and when we ordered a Barred Rock like Lucy, she named it Hatsy after her favorite character.

uoaf                            hatsy

I was nervous from the day Hatsy arrived that she was a rooster.   She was always rushing towards my hand when it came into the brooder when the rest ran away.  She even liked to help me work on my computer.


Her curiousity of everything still continues today.   She is always looking at me cock eyed with her head at a tilt when I am tinkering around the coop.   If I shut the coop door so I can clean it or add something, she will jump onto the front porch bar to peek at what I am doing through the window.

7 wk barred rock


She knows when I come to the coop I usually bring tasty weeds, raisins, or things from my garden so she will follow me around in the coop run when I walk around the yard.   If I choose to sit on the bench swing to watch them, she will sometimes pace in front of the door like she is wondering when I am coming into the coop to visit.      She is always at my feet when I am in the run.


It is not uncommon for her to jump on my lap and she will always try to jump on my back if I bend over.  I know people think I am crazy that I love to see and spend time with my chickens but if they spent some time watching them, especially Hatsy, they would understand how fun and interesting their personalities can be.   She makes me look forward to the brief moments I have when I visit the coop.  Even if that means getting jumped on from behind when bending over.




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