An Egg! An Egg!

Oh, how I waited and waited for the day my baby chicks would have eggs.  I don’t think anyone purchases chicks and doesn’t dream of the eggs that come with them.  I even put a countdown on the blog page after the chicks arrived to keep in focus the bounty to come.   I estimated they would come August 18th (my mom’s birthday) and watched and waited for signs.   The chickens were all getting bigger but Stretch was noticeably more mature.   Her comb was much larger than the others and her wattles much bigger.  They also were bright red compared to the pink and light red features of her flock mates.   Yes, Stretch will be the first to lay an egg.


August 18th came and went and it wasn’t until August 22nd, that the first egg came.   It was so cute and precious.   I knew I would be excited but it was even better than any Christmas morning I have on memory.   I couldn’t even lift it out the nesting box.


Instead, I ran inside yelling to the kids that the day was here.   Since Stretch was Brady’s chicken, I let him have the honors of taking the egg out of the nesting box.   He was a little wary at first but who can blame him.  Not only did he not want to break it, he also knew enough of chicken anatomy to know where that egg came from.   We brought it into the house and cradled it in a thick dishtowel excited to call grandmas and grandpas, friends and neighbors with the great news.


I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from Stretch in the next few weeks.  She was a hybrid chicken born to lay lots and lots of eggs.   But since she was a newbie, would they come almost every day?   Would they all be  small or will they get larger in size?  Here is what our little brown egg looks like compared to a Grade AA large egg.


Granted, she is not a large chicken and I don’t expect dinosaur eggs but could they get bigger?   I may not know what to expect in the next few weeks but I at least know it includes eggs!



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