Our Dogs


We have 2 Beagle/Feist mix brothers, Buddy and Buster. Feist?! Feist is a terrier-ish squirrel hunting dog from the South. We got them from a rescue group in the Minneapolis area, MARS – Midwest Animal Rescue,  and they are 6 years young. It is hard to believe by looking at them that they were from the same litter.

Buddy is super-sized because he has luxating patellas in both of his back legs. He does not last long on a walk so he spends most of his days relaxing on the couch or laying in the sun. On the plus side, he LOVES to swim in our pool so during the summer, he can exercise with ease.

Buster is noticeably slimmer and enjoys being outside and rollerblading with our 12 year old daughter. He does NOT like the pool and looks like Scooby Doo running on the surface anytime we get him in there. They are very loved by our children and are the unofficial neighborhood watch dogs.


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